What is this Stream Deck pedal used for in video games?

Elgato markets a Stream Deck pedal. You’re probably wondering what it’s for.

The video game market is full of accessories. We find everything from the least useful (Razer’s finger caps …) to the product designed to make life easier for the disabled (Microsoft’s formidable controller). In which category the strange Elgato pedal is revealed January 25 ? It can prove to be much more useful than at first glance.

The Stream Deck pedal, not to be confused with Valve’s Steam Deck handheld console, lets you move the controls upright to free up your hands a bit. It consists of three large keys that allow you to control software and hardware, among other tools. And how ” a director at your service “Says the company.

Stream Deck Elgato pedal // Source: Elgato

A pedal that streamers will love

How much does it cost ?

The Stream Deck Pedal, already sold out, costs € 89.99. For comparison, a Finger-friendly Stream Deck Mini is offered for € 79.99.

For Elgato our fingers are dedicated to performance and ” I don’t have time to mute the microphone ” or also ” launch a meme celebrating your victory “. The purpose of the Stream Deck Pedal is to relieve your hands by assigning some accessible shortcuts with your feet (which are not useful to you when playing). This can bring real gain in convenience, knowing that there are several small software to download for. customize its configuration to the fullest. You can even create a sequence of actions, to be activated with a single press, or acquire responsiveness in a game (example: press the left pedal to lean left in a shooter).

Not convinced yet? Some are already applauding the object, such as Jeff Gerstmann. In a tweet published on January 25threvealed this anecdote: Sometimes we used a mouse without a ball inside and placed under the desk to click on it with our foot in order to save screenshots during our tests. Just think that the practical aspect is undeniable, for those used to having to manage several things at the same time during a session.

Stream Deck Pedal should also appeal to streamers, who have to constantly juggle different software to ensure quality streaming. Elgato therefore highlights the fact that the accessory allows you to move away from your PC while maintaining control over it (which can be interesting for an unboxing or a cooking recipe).

In terms of design, the Stream Deck Pedal sports a non-slip surface, is equipped with pads to stay in place and has interchangeable springs to adjust the pressure. A frame presented as ultra solid should allow you to press on it with energy.

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