There is a trick to making the Steam Deck less noisy, but it is not recommended

The Steam Deck is an incredible handheld console with one huge flaw: the noise of its cooling system. Some owners have found a method to reduce decibels, but it’s not recommended by Valve.

As we saw during our hands-on, Valve’s Steam Deck is an excellent handheld console. Only problem? It is really noisy. We have come to compare its ventilation to a ” hellish wind tunnel There is, however, a method to reduce the hiss produced by the cooling system, as The Verge explains in an article published on April 28. But it requires dismantling the console, which requires you to know what you are doing.

Thanks to this topic published on Reddit on April 26, user OligarchyAmbulance shares an interesting discovery: just press lightly on the logo on the back to reduce the high-pitched sound emanating from the Steam Deck. It only took him a few minutes to find a solution, which consists of gluing adhesive insulating strips inside the hull (behind the logo). To show the contribution of this trick, he shared a before and after video on YouTube.

The trick to reducing the hiss of the Steam Deck // Source: Imgur

There are Steam Decks that are less noisy than others

If the sound of your Steam Deck bothers you, this physical solution found by this user is worth considering. However, keep in mind that Valve is very unfavorable to this, as new problems may arise. ” It is not recommended to change the direction of the air flow, as we do not know how it could affect the temperature Valve employee Lawrence Yang told The Verge.

In this regard, OligarchyAmbulance did some testing and did not notice heat deviations, with or without the stripes, on games such as Nobody’s heaven And Splitgate. But his makeup may prove more dangerous in the long run.

The best is still being lucky when you receive the Steam Deck. There are obviously two different fans: one from the Huaying brand, another from the Delta brand. According to various reports (including one from The Verge reporter), a Steam Deck equipped with a Delta fan would whistle more than others. And, of course, there is no way of knowing in advance which one we will receive …

Valve partner for hardware repairs and modifications, iFixit announced on April 18 on Twitter that it will do its best to offer the quietest fan to those who would like to change it.

Additionally, Valve can play on the efficiency of the Steam Deck’s cooling system with software updates. This is also the case with the SteamOS 3.2 beta, offered on April 27. Incorporates fan fixes to make it less noisy in low resource situations and to perform better in different scenarios. ” A completely new experience says The Verge, although the annoying hissing is still present.

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