Steam Deck: Valve launches gaming certification for its handheld console

News hardware Steam Deck: Valve launches gaming certification for its handheld console

As the delivery of the first copies of its Steam Deck “console” approaches, Valve introduces Deck Verified, a certification system to validate the compatibility of Steam games with the device.

If you are one of the players who have decided to pre-order the Steam Deck without delay, then you will probably be served starting in December 2021. Deliveries, in fact, are expected to start at the end of the year and Steam begins to take action to offer the clearest readability possible within its catalog of dematerialized games.

It is with this in mind that Valve just announced the implementation of Deck Verified, a kind of label that aims to highlight compatible games, but also those that are not, for Steam Deck. The categorization of the titles is as follows:

  • Compatible Simply, a game listed as compatible works perfectly with Steam Deck, with no manual configuration required,
  • Playable : such a title works on Steam Deck, but may require some settings, for example to configure buttons,
  • Not supported : A game presented in this way simply does not work on the Steam Deck,
  • Undetermined : Steam wants to manually check all titles for Steam Deck compatibility, so games listed as indeterminate simply haven’t been checked yet.

Verified deck: four main criteria

Steam also explains it to benefit from the certification
Deck Verifiedgames must meet four criteria:

  • A compatibility with native controllers from Steam Deck,
  • A support for image definition Steam Deck default, 1280 x 800 pixels or 1280 x 720 pixels,
  • A regular experience,
  • A system compatibility and in particular the Proton software, in addition to the anti-cheat tools.

Since the Steam Deck is essentially a portable gaming computer, it’s no surprise that games must meet specific criteria to run smoothly. Steam intends to offer the widest possible experience to users of its machine and puts the odds on its side to avoid errors related to compatibility issues. Having grasped the theory, we must now await the release of the Steam Deck to see how it looks in practice.

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