Steam Deck: Valve announces good news for its handheld console and unveils its packaging

News hardware Steam Deck: Valve announces good news for its handheld console and unveils its packaging

Last November, the company Valve disappointed the hopes of many gamers to have their PC version “Switch” under the tree. In fact, due to the shortage of components affecting all supply chains of current machines, the launch of the laptop by the creators of Half-Life has been postponed. But to remedy that, the company has announced some good news and a handful of unedited images!

The expeditions, initially scheduled for the month of December, are a distant memory. Players must now take their problems patiently and wait until February 2022 to get their hands on the competitor’s Switch. However, unlike Big N’s handheld console, Steam Deck will not benefit from exclusive games as recently announced by the manufacturer.. Sure, this small series of disappointments won’t taint gamers’ enthusiasm for this new handheld console, but Valve still wanted to be forgiven by giving news of its support and revealing the appearance of the packaging of his machine!

Successful tests without a doubt!

It was in a blog post posted on the Steam platform that Gabe Newell’s company offered gamers who are eagerly awaiting the machine a small update. With its first shipments in February to those who ordered it, the console still had to pass some design validation tests. But there seems to be no problem on the Steam Deck side as the latest production version has been finalized!

It is these latest releases that will be sent to development studios and serve as a development kit. Therefore, what Valve presents today is neither more nor less the final prototype of the Steam Deck, that is, the one that will be put into production! Until then this version will still undergo some minor changes, just like the packaging which is simultaneously illustrated in images and which has yet to be tested.

Minimum packaging for maximum power?

To accompany this good news, Valve could not resist publishing some images of the packaging in which its future portable console will be delivered. As stated above, the company specifies that the packaging and presentation of the product have yet to be tested but this is likely to be the final design that those who pre-ordered the car will discover next February.

Finally, it is a fairly minimalist packaging offered by the company led by Gabe Newell. A simple and discreet aesthetic that is satisfied with using a folding cardboard box to repair the precious sesame. In its design, Valve emphasizes the ability to play wherever you want and in the language of your choice. Another noteworthy element of this presentation: the carrying case that will allow you to better protect your sparkling Steam Deck.

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