Steam Deck: Excluded for the handheld console? The valve speaks

News hardware Steam Deck: Excluded for the handheld console? The valve speaks

The Steam Deck is clearly one of the most anticipated machines on the market: produced entirely by Valve, it is neither more nor less a portable PC dedicated to the famous virtual store with a particular ergonomics. As for exclusives, this is another topic …

Getting into the physical console market is an extremely difficult task and many have already broken their teeth there. But when your name is Valve, when you are fearless and when you can count on an already consistent and particularly close-knit community, the chances of success are very different: as definitive proof, the Steam Deck, the famous portable console produced by the company of Gabe Newell that is making headlines from its announcement with great fanfare.

In high demand, the machine was sadly delayed by two months due to the famous shortage of components, the same one that affects the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This does not prevent Valve to increase its communication and answer some questions … such as the possible presence of exclusives.

No exclusions from the Steam deck and for good reason

It’s in news Frequent questionsreleased by Valve and aimed specifically at developers, which the company has provided specific clarifications to the following request: “Would Valve be interested in having Steam Deck exclusive titles?” For the manufacturer, the answer is clear and it is negative.

No, it doesn’t make sense to us. It’s just a PC and just needs to run games like a regular PC.

A rather reasoned explanation when we know the Steam Deck is effectively a computer disguised as a handheld console setup, which is reminiscent of a certain Nintendo Switch among other things. While Valve’s answer may be obvious to some, it was worth coming publicly to silence the rumors.

Steam Deck, silent force

Rest assured, it’s not because Steam Deck won’t offer exclusives that it won’t be based on a solid catalog: Steam’s firepower is no longer to be demonstrated with a plethora of diverse and varied titles, some of which are actually exclusive to the famous software (but not the Steam Deck, hence nuance). We therefore recently got to see Devil May Cry 5, crowned best action game of the year 2019 and beautiful to die for, moreover, thus turning on the famous beast without the slightest problem.

In terms of functionality, the Steam Deck will be sent as a reminder to 7 inch screen (1280 x 800 pixels), one battery with autonomy between 2 and 8 hoursa USB-C pig for charging, a graphics card AMD RDNAa processor AMD Zen 2 as well as 16 GB of RAM.

Three models will be offered, namely the one with 64 GB of storage (€ 419), the second with 256 GB (€ 549) and the third with 512 GB (€ 679). Expected to be released in February 2022!

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