Ideal for streaming, Elgato Stream Deck Mini is 20% cheaper

If you want to start streaming, you need the best equipment to secure yourself throughout your lives. Elgato is a point of reference in this sector and it is positive, because one of these flagship products is currently on sale: the Stream Deck Mini is at 79.99 euros instead of 99.99 euros.

Streamers and other content creators are certainly familiar with Elgato. The German brand offers several essential accessories for streaming, such as its microphones or its famous Stream Deck. The latter is a box that integrates programmable buttons that allow you to easily start certain actions in full live. Offered for less than 100 euros, it is now cheaper thanks to this reduction of 20 euros.

What to remember about the Stream Deck Mini

  • A compact size
  • 6 customizable hotkeys
  • Many features available
  • Compatible with your favorite platforms and tools (Twitch, YouTube …)

Usually priced at € 99.99, the Elgato Stream Deck Mini is now on sale for € 79.99 on Fnac, as well as on Amazon and Boulanger.

The know-how of Elgato

After enjoying great success with its Stream Deck, the German brand has taken over its emblematic product, but this time in a Mini version. We thus find a more discreet and less imposing case, with its dimensions of 8.4 x 6 x 5.8 centimeters, and will be less bulky once placed on your desk.

This Mini box consists of six fully customizable LCD keys, while remaining very easy to use. It is a kind of small keyboard where you associate an action to each key. For example, you can view the scene you want to highlight, cast a video, adjust the sound and much more.

A customizable case to be able to animate your contents according to your preferences

Although this version is called “Mini”, and has fewer keys than the classic version, these features are numerous. You can turn keys into folders, initiate multiple actions at once or in a specific order with a single click. To better take ownership of the case, you can change the view of the keys with the images of your choice or the hundreds of icons offered by the brand’s software. To achieve all of this, you just have to drag and drop the actions on the keys.

Thanks to direct integration, you can control different streaming applications such as OBS, Twitch or XSplit directly from your Elgato box, which automatically detects the source. This box also helps you refine your content by adding various animations and skins, such as thanking donors or sending a short message to new subscribers, or even enhancing your stream using animated GIFs, images, videos and audio sequences.

To start in the stream

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