Better than the Steam Deck? This new handheld console is overwhelmed

News hardware Better than the Steam Deck? This new handheld console is overwhelmed

While Steam Deck deliveries are going strong, current pre-orders are announcing it will be available in more than 6 months, a golden opportunity for the competition to reveal themselves and flex their muscles.

After the console war, the war between PC and console?

If hybrid machines, such as PC-portable consoles, are not new in themselves, the Nintendo Switch cartoon and the craze around the Steam Deck have necessarily given inspiration and wings to many players in the Tech market.

Among the many models announced or in development, two companies seem to be ahead of the competition, Aya Neo, with its NEXT Pro and NEX Advanced models, or One-netbook to which OneXPlayer and OneXPlayer Mini are owed. Two very ambitious and promising Chinese companies.

Chinese Aya Neo and One-Netbook are one step ahead of the competition

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Those who are ultimately perhaps the most advanced are Aya Neo with her two models, the NEXT Pro and NEXT Advanced, priced from $ 1315 to $ 1565 for a model equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 5858U processor, an AMD Radeon Vega 8 GPU, 32 GB of LPDDR4X-4266 RAM, 1 TB of SSD, a 7 ”IPS screen in 1280 x 800p and compatible with Wi-Fi 6E!

The other brand that has been making a lot of noise lately is the One-Netbook company which released two models in quick succession, OneXPlayer and later OneXPlayer MinI. As you can see in the image compiled by our colleagues from
the manufacturer, for the moment, has trusted Intel rather than AMD and turned to Core i7 processors and Iris-type GPUs (ARC versions pending?).

Customization is on OneXPlayer with the choice of processors or storage. We are here more in a philosophy of portable mini-PC than of console in the strict sense. The most interesting model, the OneXPlayer Mini, also features a new configuration available today with a version equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800U processor, 16 GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage.

Windows 11 vs Steam OS, the choice for gamers?

Better than the Steam Deck?  This new handheld console is overwhelmed

For the moment, what differentiates the Aya Neo or OneXPlayer machines from the Steam Deck is that they all run on Windows 11. Which is obviously very practical for all compatibility stories, but which is not without risk for crashes inherent in the operating system. Microsoft and that can be confusing in terms of ergonomics without a keyboard or mouse.

But all of this could change quickly, because where we anticipate opening the Steam Deck to Windows, other machines may quickly offer versions of their machines under … Steam OS. A lighter, more reliable operating system that is perfectly suited to this type of machine, as can be seen with the Steam Decks.

For now, Aya Neo or One-Netbook machines are only available in import, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for them to arrive quickly in Europe. The era of PC consoles has just begun!

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