BAYC Metaverse The Otherside is down this week

Guys, it’s official. The BAYC metaverse on “Other Side” lands this Saturday, April 30th at 12pm ET! The announcement was made a few hours ago on his official Twitter page @OthersideMeta. In fact, you can now also join his Discord channel. But lo and behold, there is a huge crowd of anons trying to get into Discord as we speak. To be exact, 48,574 of them are trying to do this at the time of writing. Many have waited several hours to pass the bot verification, including the author of this article.

See you on the other side! Credit: Yuga Labs.

BAYC the Otherside Metaverse comes out this week and we’re going crazy

For those unfamiliar with it, Otherside is the brainchild of Yuga Labs, creators of the popular BAYC NFT collection. According to the team, Otherside will be an open metaverse RPG compatible with all types of NFTs. Since Yuga Labs launched the teaser in March, speculation has been rife in the NFT space.

In the One and a half minute teaser, a bored monkey is seen drinking some kind of serum, taking him to a whole new world. As he danced to the iconic rock song “The Doors”, several big-name NFT projects appeared in the film. This includes none other than the famous Cool Cats, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, World of Women, CryptoPunks, and Meebits NFT. That said, we can’t help but speculate what kind of partnerships these NFTs will have with BAYC on the other side.

BAYC Discord on the other side
Not much information yet, Anon … Source: Otherside Discord.

However, in the official Discord channel, there is not much information about the fall of “Otherside”. Also, there is no official website yet. The team will not reveal any further details until the end of this week.

As a summary of a leaked presentation last month, the creators of BAYC will be listing 200,000 virtual plots of land on the other side. Consequently, these storylines are essential parts of the meta RPG. And each storyline will have its own unique attributes such as natural resources, artifacts and rare characters. How much would each plot cost? 1 ETH per plot. If sales materialize, Yuga Labs will pocket $ 455 million in revenue, tripling net revenue by 2021. If the Otheride goes as described on the pitch deck, we’ll leave it up to the team to reveal it this week.

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